Titanium anode for electroplating


Electronic plating is to point to will a thin layer of metal, such as copper, nickel, tin, gold, silver, platinum and rhodium, palladium, or the metal alloy electroplating and through the surface in electronic components. Electronic plating process can be widely used in many fields of application, both batch of circuit board electroplating, connector electroplating, including in the production of semiconductor, connectors, electronic industrial other parts of the diversity of the continuous plating process.

In the process, would use the insoluble anode electroplating production in not soluble anode is in titanium matrix (mesh, plate, belt, tubular and so on) coating with high electrochemical catalytic properties of the precious metal oxide coating, coating contains high stability of the valve metal oxide.

New insoluble titanium anode has the high electrochemical catalytic can, oxygen evolution over potential than lead alloy not soluble anode low about 0.5 V, significant energy saving, high stability, no pollution solution, light weight, easy to change. New insoluble titanium anodes oxygen evolution of a potential than plating platinum not soluble anode low, but life is improving 1 times above. Widely used in various plating as anode or auxiliary anodes use, can replace the conventional lead base alloy anode, in the same conditions, can reduce the slot voltage, managing electric energy consumption; Insoluble in electroplating process titanium anodes has good stability (chemical and electrochemical), long service life. The anode is widely used for nickel plating chromium plating, aureate, zinc, copper plating, non-ferrous metal industry.

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