Titanium Anode for Aluminum Strip Anodising

This type of application is very particular: it uses activated Titanium as an external support to the main process which is the process of anode oxidation of the Aluminium coil for the construction of electric condensers.
In essence it’s about bringing current to the coil without a direct contact with the rollers that bring current, in order to avoid damages to the coil itself, caused by electrical discharges during the contact. This result is achieved by inserting in the coil’s flow, just before the oxidation cell, a supplementary electrolytic cell in which anodes are in activated Titanium and which reaction is that of the solo oxygen’s production for the anode and of hydrogen’s production for the cathode. (see diagram).
Xinxiang Future Hydrochemistry Co., Ltd. manufactures or regenerates these type of anodes, with an activation formula suitable for the different types of solution used in the contact cell.

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