Titanium anode for electrotinning

This process is similar to electrotinning for many aspects, in this case the material which is deposited is Tin.
In most plants the soluble tin anode is used, whereas the insoluble activated Titanium anode was inserted only in one or two cells, with the purpose of rebalancing the concentration of Tin in the solution, which has a tendency to increase the lower cathode efficiency compared to the anode’s.
In the last few years a system has been developed in which only insoluble anodes are used, whereas lead is dissolved separately in a dedicated dissolver.
Given the aggressiveness of the solution composed by methanesulfonic (MSA) and phenolsulfonic acid (PSA), which tend to increase the consumption speed of Iridium Oxide and furthermore the tendency to create some “overcoatings” of passivating Lead Oxide on the anodes, there was the need to design a particular coating’s formulation and a special treatment for the basic roughness which hindered the overcoating’s grip.

Furthermore it builds the anodes according to the client’s drawing or it only supplies the re-coating service on worn-out anodes.

Xinxiang Future Hydrochemistry Co., Ltd. offers both coating solutions, both for the MSA and PSA cases.

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