Titanium anode for Surface Finishing

In the field of the galvanic deposition of the metals for industrial or civil use, there are multiple possibilities of use for activated Titanium as anode, in replacement of the soluble anodes
Now for many years it’s been used as an auxiliary anode to stabilise the Nickel concentration in Watt or Sulfamate baths and in acid Copper plating baths.
The direct use, in replacement and with the same performances of platinised Titanium, a lot more expensive, in the baths of Gold plating, Platinum plating, Rhodium plating and Nickel/Palladium plating.
Also in the recent alloy deposition baths, for example of the Zinc/Nickel kind, activated Titanium is used exclusively.
In the modern decorative Chrome plating baths from Sulphates based trivalent Chromium, the use of this anode is mandatory, with a coating particularly designed to reduce to the minimum the formation of hexavalent Chromium which influences negatively on the performance and the quality of the Chromium deposited.
In the hard Chrome plating with hexavalent Chrome, activated Titanium is used in the cases when a particular anode geometry is required, which the classic anodes in Lead alloy cannot reproduce. But you need to take in consideration the combined use of Lead anodes to re-oxidate the undesired trivalent Chrome which forms on the cathode, in fact this reaction isn’t produced by the activated Titanium because of its low anode potential.
Xinxiang Future Hydrochemistry Co., Ltd. manufactures all types of coatings suitable for each process and it builds the anodes according to the client’s drawing or it proposes its own solutions. It can also activate anodes produced directly by the client.

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