Titanium anode for sewage treatment

With the development of industry, organic wastewater emissions increasingly, especially chemical, food, the agricultural chemicals and pharmaceutical industries of high concentration of waste water discharge, high chroma is toxic, contains a lot of biological difficult degradable composition, serious pollution of rivers and the sea.

Electrochemical processing wastewater is without adding water with chemicals, the equipment is small, covers an area of is not big, do not produce the secondary pollution, has already been used to treating of hydrocarbon, alcohols, aldehydes, ether, phenol of organic pollution of wastewater. COD removal, mainly by anticathode surface oxidation reaction, directly on the surface of the anode oxidation degradation organic, and must be higher than the anode potential organic decomposition potential, so the anode on organic matter is oxidation and the oxygen evolution two competitive responses.

Xinxiang Future Hydrochemistry Co., Ltd. produce oxide coating titanium anodes has the very high oxygen evolution potential, higher than the decomposition of organic material anode potential potential.

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