How To Clean Your Salt Water Chlorinator Cell?

 Cleaning your saltwater chlorinator cell is easier than you might think!
Checking on and cleaning your salt water chlorinator cell is a key part of ensuring that your chlorine production is efficient and prolonging its lifespan, reducing costs in the long term.

1.Buy a salt water cell electrode cleaning solution from your local pool shop.
2.Switch off the filtration system and close the necessary valves.
3.Unplug the cell terminal cap and remove the cell from it’s housing.
4.Immerse the cell in the cleaning solution in a study plastic container ensuring that the terminals stay dry.
5.Leave it in the solution for 10-15 minutes then check if all calcium deposits have been removed.
6.If calcium deposits remain, re-immerse for a further 10 minutes. You can use a smooth plastic implement to gently try and dislodge any heavy deposits.
 N.B. Never use a metal instrument as you will damage the cell.
7.Once the cell is clean, rinse in clean water, replace and turn your pump and chlorinator back on
8.Check that your chlorine output is sufficient and that your timer settings are functioning properly.


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